Peer-reviewed Scientific Papers

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The Role of Hybridization in the Evolutionary History of Geese. Oral presentation at the “Plant and Animal Genomics (PAG) Conference XXIV” in San Diego, Calfiornia, USA. 9-13 January 2016 [PDF can be found here]

A Phylogenetic Analysis of True Geese. Oral presentation at the conference “Waterfowl of Northern Eurasia: Research, conservation and sustainable use” in Salekhard, Russia. 30 November – 6 December 2015

The Use of Multiple Phylogenomic Tools: A Case Study on Geese (Genus Anser). Poster presentation at “Genomics of the Speciation Continuum” in Fribourg, Switserland. 4-5 September 2014 [PDF can be found here]

Hybridization in Geese: Patterns of Introgression. Oral Presentation at the “Goose Specialist Meeting” in Arcachon, France. 7-11 January 2013.