I enjoy giving talks about my research and interests. Below you can find some subjects for which you can contact me:

  • Hybridization: crosses betweeen different species are often seen as ‘mistakes in nature.’ However, recent research (including my own) shows that hybridization is an important evolutionary force.
  • More than Darwin: when you say evolution, you automatically say Charles Darwin. But there are many other scientists that have contributed to our current knowledge on evolution. Each with an interesting story to tell.
  • Creationism: The theory of evolution is the backbone of modern biology. Nevertheless, creationists keep shouting that the theory is wrong and everything was created. A critical look at creationist arguments shows that they are relatively easy to counter.



Tel. +32 (0)494/37.50.09


During my PhD, I gave several talks at international conferences:

The Role of Hybridization in the Evolutionary History of Geese. Oral presentation at the “Plant and Animal Genomics (PAG) Conference XXIV” in San Diego, Calfiornia, USA. 9-13 January 2016 [PDF can be found here]

A Phylogenetic Analysis of True Geese. Oral presentation at the conference “Waterfowl of Northern Eurasia: Research, conservation and sustainable use” in Salekhard, Russia. 30 November – 6 December 2015

The Use of Multiple Phylogenomic Tools: A Case Study on Geese (Genus Anser). Poster presentation at “Genomics of the Speciation Continuum” in Fribourg, Switserland. 4-5 September 2014 [PDF can be found here]

Hybridization in Geese: Patterns of Introgression. Oral Presentation at the “Goose Specialist Meeting” in Arcachon, France. 7-11 January 2013.