Avian Genomics in San Diego

In the beginning of January, I traveled to to San Diego, California (my first time in the USA!) to give a talk at the annual Plant and Genomics Conference, better known as PAG. My colleague Robert Kraus organized a session on Avian Genomics and invited me to present my work on hybridization in geese (you can find the PDF of the presentation here).  Here is the exciting program of the session:

  • Generating a Bird Genome Resource: Insights into the Avian Tree of Life, Complex Traits and Genome Evolution (Erich Jarvis, Duke University Medical Center)
  • Non-model Avian Genomics Fit for Purpose – the End of the Model Organism? (David W. Burt, Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh)
  • Comparative Population Genomics of Birds (Robb T. Brumfield, Louisiana State University)
  • The Challenges of Repetitive DNA in Avian Comparative Genomic (Alexander Suh, Department of Evolutionary Biology, Uppsala University)
  • The Role of Hybridization in the Evolutionary History of Geese (Jente Ottenburghs, Resource Ecology Group, Wageningen University)
  • Genomics and Speciation: The New World Mallard Complex (Philip Lavretsky, University of Miami-Florida)




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