I am constantly gathering new knowledge, which I consequently want to share with other people. My biggest passions are ornithology and evolutionary biology, but my interests also include other subjects, such as physics, philosophy and history (of science).

My research focuses on the genomics of bird evolution, specifically the interplay between speciation (the origin of new species) and hybridization (interbreeding between species). An overview of my work can be foundĀ here.

This wordcloud (based on the abstracts of my papers) nicely summarizes my research focus:



I also translate my research (and that of others) to a broad audience. I do this by writing popular-scientific articles for websites and magazines, managing my own blog and by giving lectures (in the college room, but even in the theater). During my PhD, I have started the Avian Hybrid Project, a website gathering information on hybridization in birds through citizen science. My experience as a teacher at the university certainly helps me to communicate often complex information.